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Omni's design utilizes a “tab” concept for simplicity and ease of navigation. Just as tabbed browsing has improved multi-tasking for internet users, tabs in a practice management solution allow users to multi-task like never before.
Key Features
• Patient Monitor User Interface

Omni's Customizable User Interface allows staff to perform all tasks associated with the patient's visit quickly and efficiently. Easily check-in patients and verify/update information in the patients record. Scan ID and Insurance Cards in a snap. Print out needed documents with a click. Monitor and track patient throughout the office. Collect Payments and create new appointment when visit is complete. Our fastest system ever!

PayerPath Login
• Insurance Claim Filing

•Transmitting insurance claims has been streamlined to ensure quick payment by eliminating common errors while allowing insurance staff to file claims with the click of the mouse.
• Insurance Remittance Auto-Posting

•Allows staff to post insurance payments electronically to each patient's account while at the same time the Omni software saves the electronic EOB with the patients information. Normally, most practices will have to open hundreds of paper EOBs a day/week and manually post the payments to the patients account for payment.Once these manual entries are made the EOB is boxed and stored for future refrence.

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• Document Management
•Electronically scan, save, store and search directly through the Omni billing software for your digital documents. Documents such as reports, letters, notes, can be printed, saved or sent with just a click of the mouse.

• ID + INS Card Scanning
•allows simple and quick scanning of patient ID or Insurance cards directly into Omni's practice management system for immediate retrieval without any added steps. Just insert card and click scan, that’s it! Scans both sides at once!

• Patient Information
•Easily entered, edited and accessed. Most functions can be made from within one screen, creating a more efficient work flow of patients throughout the visit. Individual office forms and printouts are auto-filled with a specific patient's information and printed with just a click.

Paper Storage and Digitalization Costs

Quit storing your paper in boxes.

Stop using multi-step scanning software to digitize your paper.

With OMNI, Paper EOBs are auto saved in the patient's record using the Auto-Post program. All other paper can be scanned directly into the OMNI datdbase with only a few clicks!

•Advanced Microsoft Word
•printing for customized letters, forms and fill-in sheets. Each user can print word documents with the patient's information auto-filled. Work/School excuses, collection letters, appointment reminders, HIPAA release forms, Patient Forms and many, many more.

• Multiple System Interfaces
•Allow the sharing of information across platforms. Electronic Medical Records, Auto-Patient Appointment Reminder Telephone calls and Lab services are just a few of the interfaces built into the Omni Software.