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Customized Omni Medical Billing Software

Multi-Practice Solutions - Databases for Group Practices Reduce Individual Expense

Cross Platform Interfaces with our Billing Software

Computer Sales -Top of the line Office Computer Systems available.

Networking - Wireless Installation, Consulting and Upgrades

Remote Connection - Access from anywhere there is internet!

Office Printing Solutions - Let us help you with your printing needs.

Web Design - Omni can Design, Build and Start your own web site!

Upgrades - We can boost your computer performance with memory upgrades and performance diagnostic services

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All Omni computer systems come with Top of the Line Components

•Base Computer Workstation Specifications:
•Windows 7® Operating system
•DVD-RW standard with LG DVD Authoring Software
•2+ GB DDR Memory
•500+ GB SATA Hard Drive
•Intel Pentium Core or i Processors
•20" + Wide Screen LCD
•Anti-Virus Software

•We take computer systems seriously here @ Omni, let us help you with all of your computer needs.

Phone(910) 895-6841 FAX (910) 730-0184

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