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Printing Solutions
Omni delivers a network printing solution with compact Ethernet USB Print Servers and Multi-Function Printer/Fax/Scanners. With Omni's printing solutions, users can Print, Scan and even Fax* from virtually anywhere on the network to the printer. *requires Fax From PC compatible systems

The Omni Practice Management software can print to virtually any printer on the market. Omni uses the computers list of available printers, if you can print from other applications you can print from the Omni Medical billing system. No additional setup.

Network printers do away with the need for a powered up computer. Always-on technology allows users to print even when other systems may be down.

Omni's networked print servers can alleviate printing problems by simplifying network printing. Sharing a single printer eliminates the need to maintain and purchase supplies for multiple printers. Additionally, a dedicated print server removes the need to have a dedicated computer powered on to support the printer.

Omni understands the need for paper documents, however anytime that you can “Print to File” instead of “Printing to Paper” it will save power, paper and toner. Print to Adobe PDF® is a great alternative to normal printing. Instead of printing to paper a user can print to a PDF virtual printer that will save the printed document in Adobe PDF format. This will allow users to save to their computer or save to a network drive. Once you have saved to PDF format, you can choose to print the document, print partial pages of the document or electronically send via E-mail or E-Fax. Reports such as transaction reports or A/R reports can be saved locally with a date or batch name for easy storage and retrieval.

Call us today and we can make your printing a breeze.

Already have a multi-functional Copier?

Already have a service contract with your local company?

Then keep what you have if you are satisfied and use it with your Omni system. The Omni system can be used to Print, Scan**, Fax or E-mail with ALL Copier models on the market today that are Windows compatable. If you can print,scan,fax or e-mail from your Windows PC then you can do it with Omni. **Omni Document Scan requires a T.W.A.I.N. compliant driver.

Call us today for more information on our Printing Solutions. (910)895-6841 or E-mail us.