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Cross Platform Interfaces

EMR Partner
With Omni's two way EMR Interface Bridge, all new patient and appointment changes or additions are auto-transferred to the EMR system. All diagnosis and procedure codes are automatically sent to Omni from your EMR when the patient/doctor interaction is complete. This embedded solution does not require any additional steps, just turn it on! **Most National EMR brands have an HL7 interface bridge. Check with your EMR today for availability or have them contact us for further information.

LAB Partner
Omni has been interfacing with the Major Laboratory companies for over 20 years with patient demographic and insurance information sharing. Eliminating "double-enrty" of patient information. A must in any office.

YOUR Partner
All medical offices have unique requirements and with our experience with many different companies, we can help you by becoming your partner and letting us share our experience.

Contact us today for a demonstration of the Omni Medical Systems Suite of Medical Management Software Solutions!