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Omni's Document Management tool allows an office to import all of their paper and electronic documentation into the Omni Database. Why depend on one program for this and another for that. Combine all your document management needs into one place, Omni. Enjoy the benefits of Omni's Document Management.

Documents are easily accessed from within the Omni Practice management System where they are stored and backed up daily without any extra steps!

When you combine your electronic documentation with the Omni practice management system, printing or reviewing a document is just a click away. Additional software is not needed. If you have Omni you have the ability to review/e-fax/e-mail and/or print the document.

Once the documents have been imported users can assign them to the appropriate folder or scan directly into a patients permanent record for quick viewing or retrieval by all Omni users.

No need for mountains of boxes cluttering your office space.

No more storage fees or heavy loads to carry! Put your piles of paper away and begin to enjoy the benefits of having your documents digitally stored in your office's Omni Database. Once you have added your files they are easily accessed by all Omni users and all digitized documents are automatically included in your nightly Omni-Backup.

1. Load up your scanner
2. Name the group of documents
3. Click Scan

You are finished!

Once your 3 steps are complete your paper is now a part of your Omni system where it is easily accessed by all users.

In addition to saving to individual patient accounts, the user has the ability to save daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sets of documents your Office's database. Documents such as Patient Encounter Sheets, Production Reports, Invoices, Charts, Letters....Whatever paper that you currently pile up and box away can be added to your Omni system with only 3 steps!

Replaces Old Scanning Software

Tired of spending hours and hours going through countless steps to convert your paper into your current scanning solution? Many older Document management software solutions have multiple steps that a user has to go through to finally digitize the document. Omni's Document Management streamlines this process utilizing current technology to do the work for you so you can focus on other important items.

Time Saving
Have a group of documents that you need to scan but do not have the time to assign immediately? Scan them into the Pending Document folder. This will allow you to go back later and distribute the documents to the appropriate patient when you have the time